The Last American President

In the year nineteen seventy-seven I was eight years old. Jimmy Carter had taken office and the Holy Spirit revival was moving upon the waters. The world was quieter than it is today with a world population of 4.2 billion people And a U.S. Population of 220 million people in 3.28 million square miles of land. There was a peace that lived in the world among the forest and the plains and even in rural America that is lesser now in these latter days. I could hear the news of the future with the impending challenges for the coming generations in relation to our environment and the increasing population. But we lived in relative peace and had an abundance that has dwindled in this present time which I call the era of decision.

I remember a teacher who was teaching me to observe the natural order of things, then and now to bring forth remembrance of the end of times. He told me the story of the last American President and the struggles that we would experience in the appointed time of World Wide Tribulation. A time of choice with full reconciliation or eternal damnation for the inhabitants of the Earth. This teacher showed me the value in choice and the rewards and or consequences that ensue.

The Love of God trumps all accusations and trial outcomes for the sake of the elect. It is the elect of our God and Savior who for the sake of the Lords children take on the full force of the enemies beatings in retaliation of Gods Grace in bringing us home acquitted of all charges. The charges against the children of God brought forth by the legal statutes and those who uphold them of the Old Testament. Grace is the scandal that saves us from our enemies. It is the result of the finished work of the cross and we owe it all to Jesus. The devils can’t comprehend grace and it’s loosing of the shackles and bindings that were set in place on us before Jesus’ visitation. And we as Gods children need to manifest and to live in the freedom that grace brings us to walk this out once and for all.

There is no legal binding of any contract or deed that the enemy has on us that cannot be dissolved by the blood of the Lamb. We are free to be accused but not to be convicted because of our Yeshua and His obedience all the way to the cross and death, receiving resurrection and freedom of life for us, His beloved. And this is the free gift of God.

No matter what the coming tribulations bring us in the era of choice, if we truly have Jesus then whether we live or die, we live because the Lord died for us and even more because he lives. We owe it all to Him.

So whether or not Donald Trump is the last American president is beside the point. We need to act as if everyday is going to be the awakening to the day of judgement and act accordingly to the Lords commandments to Love Him and to Love our neighbors. Our very life depends on it. Our Kairos Now…In His Love

Love overcomes all adversity, Thank You Jesus for showing us the way.

When we eat the food that is sacrificed for idols….

When we eat the food that is sacrificed for idols(money) we become the sacrifice. Alchemy is of witchcraft and demons. It is in the greed of us that we become workers in death. Perpetuating Every kind of evil in ever increasing depths at the cost of human lives. We are essentially doing the devils work in killing our brothers and sisters around the world and all for the mighty U.S. Dollar, Chinese Yen, Russian Ruble or the British Pound, the common era idols of worship.

We are all directly and indirectly affected by the conditions of our heart in experiencing the results of the world wide epidemic of addictions. It is a natural thing and I say natural because, it is not unnatural for us to want what our bodies desire, which are the things of the Earth and in part what we are made of. It is the natural man, the first Adam who seeks to find the things of the earth to quell the pains of our spiritual (Heart) conditions.

What is it that we can personally do to help and heal these situations happening around us and in our communities? That’s only a question we can ask the Lord and ourselves for the answer too, even in the moment of the happenings. When the Lord said to make an alter, any object or to sacrifice he gave very specific instructions. It is in prayer and intercession that we will find our new place in the New Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. The place where lives are saved for the sake of life and for the increase of our God not for ourselves.

When will enough be enough for us to wake up and begin the journey back home for each other. Doing the works of Jesus and even greater works, because he is now back with the Father and alive within us?

How many people have to die before our hearts cry out for change within us.

Shocking I know, it is an abomination, it is life draining to see such things but this is the artwork of the devils hanging on his office wall. Killing is his business and we as people make his business good.

Someone once poised a question to God. He said” Father why do you allow evil to exist in the World. And Gods reply to that man was “Why do you allow evil to exist in the world.”

Where is our humanity and what are we to become if we allow ourselves to keep to the status quo.

The kingdom of God awaits for the generation of us, after His own heart.

It is in the heartfelt service to our brothers and sisters that we begin to heal the decades long scars produced by the difficulties of living in the fallen creation. It is in our love for each other that we are attaining salvation. It is in our sacrifices that we store up treasure in the kingdom of God. It is Therapia that is the Greek word for healer.

I want to manifest life, not just live my life. I want to love, not just say I love. I want the world to thrive, not just to strive. I want to think of every one as my brothers and sisters, not just my own family or group. I want the Kingdom of God on Earth, not just in Heaven.

It’s it possible?

I believe

My sheep will hear my voice and follow me….

The state of our country and the world for that matter is in shambles. The lives that are being tossed aside as useless and undesirable, Being thrown away as trash to the gutter is a criminal act against humanity, a travesty and an abomination in the eyes of God. Why is the works in the humanities the best work? Because people matter.

It is a saddening sight and experience to walk among the tombstones of today’s homeless families. It drains me of the hope I once had in America that we were all created equal and that when we see our neighbors in need we are not to just walk by and say to ourselves “Not My Making, Not My Problem”. We who are Americans need to get up out of our era of comfortability and seek that which is not for ourselves, and rather to help the needs of others before we think of our own. Charity does not begin at home. Charity begins with a stranger and a so called lesser desirable person in their walk in humiliation.

Who are we and what are we to become if we stand still, sitting and waiting for God or someone else to fix the problems of drug addiction, Metal health, unwed mothers with children and homelessness? Where is our humanity? America has not been in such a deplorable state as it is right now and as you read this we may be thinking to ourselves about that new dress for the Forth of July parade and cookout, or how to buy that new iPad mini we want or how about that new patio in the backyard for Memorial Day, wouldn’t that be nice for the family and friends.

What has become of us as Mankind and Americans? To let this happen.

May God help us in the way of giving us a heart of love to be willing to help our neighbors in need, before it’s too late.

When I made my choice beforehand, I was poised with a question. He said “Gary they are finding babies in dumpster how long do you think this is going to go on for.”

Put a jolt in me I tell ya.

What would I answer to my Creator and God at judgement to this, if I sat in indecision making no choice, or choosing to ignore the problem. We are judged more on what we are told to do and don’t, more than what we are judged on the things we do. Believe it.

Don’t be as one of those who are as sheep being led to the slaughter by their indifference to the issues that have to do with the conditions of our own heart. For out of the heart springs the issues of life.

And be you kind to one another, tender hearted and full of grace. For such as these you serve make up the Kingdom of our God.

The Final lap of Victory

I remember having a teaching in my younger years, a friend who was preparing me for the last days, these latter days on earth. He spoke as one with power and authority in a most comforting way. He taught me to will all truth, To manifest the Word of God in all areas of my life with him, to seek and to find. He taught me that love is the way and the only way we have our victory.

He said that when we were all ready that we would walk out of this world into His kingdom and that there would be no one that would have the power to overcome and stop us from reaching our desired destination with Him.

Our enemies desire for us to be destroyed however they hinder us from walking it out and into the Kingdom of the beloved Son. They know what happens when all the sheep go home and this is their greatest fear.

They have hedged us in, they have dug the pits, they have set mountains in our way. But Yahweh is our God and nothing can stop Him from bringing his dearly beloved home to him.

He has leveled the ground, He has filled in the pits and he has set a hedge of protection round about us. And he that dwells within us is greater than he who is in the world. What love, What power we have in Jesus.

We are the cherished of the Lord, We are Yeshuas’ own flock and the harvest for our God and Father, Yahweh. The first fruits of the new creation.

We will be like new born calves released from the stall for the first time. And our joy in each other will never cease. Who is it that can stop us but only ourselves. We are the Overcomer’s and our enemies will stand and watch us leave in victory over the world.

So be calm and live the forth. Keep on the set path and know that you are loved and protected in a most personal way by Jesus and with Jesus we have everything we need.


Make a Friend, be a Friend and Bring a Friend to Christ

My blog today is not so much about me, but about Jesus and George. And oh! what a story they have.

In my opening of the door to Christ Discipleship I heard a man say to me, make a friend, be a friend and bring a friend to Christ. Power does come in the heartfelt connections that are made in truth and In Spirit with each other and this bond can not be broken under any form of adversity unless we sever it ourselves.

George may be my first encounter in where I am experiencing the coming together of brothers for the sake of Jesus himself. The fulfillment of Christ working in the two so that we all may be one with Him. I could have gone down another road with George with disastrous results. However I made the choice to go in the way of the Lord to help a brother in need and I am not disappointed with what the Lord is doing for both his good and mine as well.

Friendship and the connection in truth and in Spirit are a powerful mix in helping our brothers and sisters overcome the wiles of the devils and recharges us in a most personal and supernatural way that empowers the individual parts of Christ to go above and beyond any means that we could do alone.

Friendship is that bond that is not separated by time or space. Friendship is here to give our others what is needed to keep moving forward on the path. I have long believed that we do not enter the kingdom alone, but we will enter the kingdom of the beloved Son all together, hand in hand, at the same time. Entering into the fullness of God our Savior with our brothers and sisters side by side. And to this, is the end of the beginning in the forever family in Jesus.

Maybe one day I will expound a little more about Jesus and George, but until then may you seek and you too will find.


I Will Not leave You as Orphans

The Lords proclamation to us, is that he would not and will not leave us as orphans in this World. What a great promise of the Lord. The devils would have us believe that is exactly what the Lord is doing. But on the contrary the Lord does in fact adopt us as dearly beloved. We are in the forever family of God and he tends to us as a hen cares for her chicks.

Dust and Smoke is all that chases us away from the Lord. We only need to adhere to the ways of God our Father and our brother Jesus and he lifts the veil of the adversaries schemes to see plainly that the only true enemies are ourselves. We see the path with a lamp at our feet to keep to the way.

What hinders us in our trust? We are all traveling this long road to the middle in circles. Makes me dizzy to think of how many laps in this desert it took to begin to see that the Lord is worthy of all our trust in Him. For his ways are not our ways.

Experiential knowledge in the Lord is worth more than fine silver or refined gold. It is the wisdom that sets us apart from those that hinder the progress of salvation. It is the gift that is needed to fully walk this out in truth and in Spirit. When we experience first hand the majesty of the lord, no one can take that from us as we walk in the power of God bringing our brothers and sisters home.

Someone once asked me what I thought was God’s greatest Joy. My reply was that when we are saved is his greatest joy. He said to me yes, but our Fathers’ greatest joy is when all his children come home to him.

What are we waiting for?

From Sunship to Sonship……

We are born in the fallen world in our fallen state of being as a choice from our Father and ourselves to learn the true nature of our lives with him and the experience to exercise our will in the choices that bring us back home to Him as full Sons.

I see by experience now that the process is similar to that of a caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly. The Glory of the Lord and His majesty with the works of the Lord are plain to see and are in everything we gaze upon in the Earth. We are his workmanship and God doesn’t make junk, nothing is wasted.

The Father of mercies pours his grace sufficient upon all mankind. It is what we do in the grace in moving forward or regressing that we will live with in eternity.

What is it to follow the Sun? And what is it to follow the Son? We know for the one who follows the Sun is on that wide path in the world following what the world desires and fulfilling every kind of evil.

However following the Son, the one true Son of God is to renounce the world and to shed off the things of this world that bind us and hold us in captivity.

For we can not love God and mammon too. We will cling to the one and hate the other. There is no other way the Lord will have us. We are to come out of her lest we take part in her plagues and we are to be in the world but not of the world. This is the lonely path that Jesus forged for us, the path to Sonship with Him.

Can we perceive Him? Can we identify with Him? Are we suffering (allowing the fire to burn within us, so as to purge us of everything that is not of God that is in the world.)?

The refinement of the gold in skimming the dross leaves us as pure gold, and this is the works of the Lord within us.

The Baptist said of his journey that “He must decrease so that the Lord May increase.” It is in this decrease of ourselves and our works that the Lord increases within us, Himself and His works. We become yoked with the Lord and this is the plan for us. To be less so that he may be more. Are we afraid of losing our individuality? Are we afraid of losing our free will? Are we afraid of the Lord? What keeps us from the total commitment to the creator of all?

There is no you, there is no me, there is no them. There is only us in the kingdom, for in Him we are one. This is a truth that has much power and authority in Christ, but it is also a truth that individuals have shrunk back from and uphold an agenda against this knowledge of Oneness, in order to preserve the worldly power they receive from the enemies of God our Father. Yahweh is His name.

Going from Sunship to Sonship is the very purpose we are born on earth to work out. It is in this very thing that we are to be working out our salvation (restoration) with all fear and trembling, for our God is a consuming fire and we are to strive and to thrive in our journey from childhood to full grown Sons of the Living God. This is the fulfillment of his promises to us from long ago.

Are we to walk in circles around the desert for an eternity? Are we to shrink back from the Lord? Are we to continue in the world living by the worlds terms and foundations? I think not.

We are to mount up with wings as eagles. We are to climb out of the sandbox and mature as we did as children to adolescence and onto being mature men and women. Are we ready to put the pales with the water and the spoons away we so happily eat the dirt with to grow up? It’s Hi time to wake up and smell the coffee for the night is well spent and the dawn is on the horizon. If we are to achieve anything than we must seek the lord with all of ourselves. We must do this so that he will fulfill his promises of healing us and our land. It is his proclamation toward us that when we return wholeheartedly to him that he will bind our wounds and remember our sins no more. That he will heal us and continue with us.

Personally I wouldn’t want it any other way than to be one with the Lord, for then at this moment I am never alone.

So, what do we want, individuality or Oneness?

What do we want, the world or the Kingdom of the beloved Son?

What do we want on this planet that exceeds the Love and plentifulness of the Lord?

For the Lord is good and long suffering that none may perish, and in His fullness are we clothed and given to all the necessities. His mercies and his love are poured out among all the inhabitants of the earth. We live and breathe to the grace of God our Father for his love is eternal and in him is nothing false. He is kind to the people he has chosen and he loves us even in our disobedience. He is the potter and we are the clay.

We should remember the words spoken by James Michener and Cheryl Strayed ” That we are never prepared for what we expect.”

So what is the long short of this story, that is us in essence?

May we seek the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, for in that day of finding we will become aware that we are already there in the Kingdom and the Kingdom is already here in us. Amen