The Patriotic View of the Unpatriotic

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Melania Trump with a “Really Don’t Care, Do You Jacket” on while visiting estranged families.

I start this Blog with a quote from the associated press dated July 30 2018.

WASHINGTON — The trial of President Donald Trump’s onetime campaign chairman will open this week with tales of lavish spending, secret shell companies and millions of dollars of Ukrainian money flowing through offshore bank accounts and into the political consultant’s pocket.

This is the sad state of affairs that our country and its citizens have come to know as the new norm. The next world war is not a political one, even if it appears that way. It is and will be the wolves looking to devour all the lambs until we are a gone. They however are sadly mistaken in their conquest for paradise. “If they want the world, let them have it.” But we need to know that they are not going to devour any of the Lords lambs in the process. It only appears that the devil is winning. Truth in fact is that he has already lost the war and he is already dead.  Shadows and dust is all that chases us.

It is the wickedness of mans heart, our own hearts that are deceptively wicked and none know its depths, this is the true enemy. We cause the problems in our own lives and in the world, always looking for someone else to blame. Just as Eve did to the serpent and the first Adam did to Eve. I witness the hearts of many growing colder and realize now that in the end it will be those who have retained love in their hearts who will be victorious over evil. Love is the deciding factor when it comes to the Lords Kingdom and entrance into it. Always love, mercy and grace. I heard someone once ask the question.” God, why do you allow the evil in the world to exist?” and the Lord replied to him “Why do YOU allow evil to exist in the world?” Good question. Seeing as Jesus did say that he now gives us all power and authority over the devil and his minions two-thousand years ago. A kind word and a kindly given gesture in a heated moment can quench a fire that may have burned out of control. This is our victory Listen, Listen, Love, Love, Let the Lord use me to help you. It can be this simple. Agape is not a burden we take on our backs, it is a gift that keeps giving unconditionally. This is the definition of true patriotism for, “The one true nationality is mankind”…H.G. Wells


History has a way of repeating itself.  We have been at this juncture before in time and in space with many governments, cultures and nations around the world. Dating back eons, even to as far back as when the first of us as men and women aspired to be something great and to accomplish something great for ourselves, god and the people around us. Ambition can be a serial killer disguised as a blessing. Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. So this being said here we are again and the outlook doesn’t look so bright. Not only in our country but many others as well. It seems that we may be on course to a head-on collision with a complete global meltdown of sorts. Possibly if not already foreseeable as a reality in the near future.  Even if I could persuade you or some of you, or many of you to see it my way, taking heed and changing. The fact remains that what is going to happen, is going to happen and in truth it already has. This is the very thing that Jesus spoke when He said” Let the dead follow the dead, If you want to live follow me.” So don’t follow shiny objects of desire or miracles. Follow Jesus, Jesus is the way.

Now that we have the premise and the promise let us dig more into the truth according to Gary. I say according to Gary because there is only one truth. Every subsequent version of the one truth can be considered a mistruth according to the standpoint, perception and bias of the observer. Thus none of us have the whole truth unequivocally. We see and experience the world according to us. This may be why there are Four Gospels. Each of the four having significantly similar accounts as well as a significantly different accounts of the things said, the specific events, people involved, as well the time line in the observers point of view. The four gospels together give us a better perspective of who Jesus is, But still there is only One truth as He Himself proclaimed. The only Way, The only Truth and The only Life of the believer.


Let us take for instance the truth of an auto accident that resides in the middle of a four way intersection with one observer positioned at each of the four corners, giving their perspectives and accounts of the event which is the accident itself and the truth. There will be four somewhat similar accounts but none the less they will be different. There is only one truth and it is a the center of the intersection.

Given the example we know it is the positioning of Jesus who was in center on the cross. Who being the only truth is now risen and can be in the center of each of us, our Truth in a most personal way. He always needs to remain on the throne of our hearts in the center of our life in Him. Now we are able to give the account of our relationship with Him according to how we experience Him and His attributes in our personal lives. Adding to the body of Christ individually and corporately. Not taking away, overpowering or tearing down the individual parts, but always edifying the parts of our  body in Christ. Feeding and watering the garden so that we all share in the fruits of the labor in Spirit and in Charity. Sharing the expression of God we personally possess with each other and experiencing Gods love and personality through each of us with each other. Treasure in earthen jars. Thus each believer filled with the Holy Spirit presence has something to offer the other in the relationship of believers as a whole. All of us have exclusive rights in our personal relationship with God together as One living creation. To know Him and the power of His resurrection within us, living and breathing. This is the way to life abundantly.

Sadly, more and more often it is our quest for knowledge and personal ambitions mixed with the desire for power that fractures us. We want the kingdom but we don’t want God in it, thus causing a schism to be formed. This is ever so present within and without us personally and corporately and will one day be the death of us if we continue on course.  However, It will not go on like this for too much longer. The signs of the times, The Spirit of truth and wisdom calls out in the streets and every man goes their own way listening to the spirit of error. But all is not lost, There will be some saved. Tyranny and rebellion last only but for a moment in the grand picture of Gods salvation of His children. Restoration is in the Lords hands and it will be accomplished by Him. Just keep pressing in.



So if we believe and recognize that each of us is an individual expression of who God is and that this Spirit and Truth is all that remains untainted by influence of mans thoughts and hands. Each one of us now becomes a facet of God shining his personality and pouring out His Agape to the world. This being acknowledged then we must also recognize that parallel to this is the fallen self, in the fallen world and that each of us possesses an expression of the personality of the fallen prince. The so called god of this world in the form of fallen Adam with his many dis-eases and shortcomings. My own thoughts as I meditated on this was that this is exactly what Jesus came to show us and to teach us to overcome. The way to free us from the fallen self in His Dunamis(Power). Now we have a chance to follow and be transformed into a living, loving, life giving member in a forever family because of what Jesus did. Our victory is exclusively in the Lord. No longer being tossed to and from in the chaotic sea of this world. Being freed from the influences of alchemy, metallurgy, geology, geography, psychology, religion, physiology, astrology and any other unmentioned form changing demon, The so called little gods of this world. Becoming Supernatural and supernaturally equipped by God for our brothers and sisters. This may be in relation to why the Lord says to us that when you make an alter to me you shall not form it according to your own measurements, standards or tools but according to the instructions I personally give to you with what I give to you, and to do what I have commanded you to do, For I alone have made nothing unclean. It is definitely the expulsion of darkness from within us that allows us to see the world in truth. Becoming the Alter of God living and breathing. Being tasked as an ambassador to the living Kingdom. Becoming a Son of God, no longer a child doing childish things, bound by the elemental spirits in the mental and physical world. But now pouring out the Agape of God in a most sensitive, heartfelt and productive way . Being full of grace for the children that God so much loves and wants to be free.

We take so much for granted. This is the new normal and a sign of the times. As if the Alternative lifestyles we live were always acceptable or maybe unacceptable at one time but now not even questioning what we believe to be morally sound at all. Maybe we don’t care about how we live and affect others, thus failing to make a change of course back in the right direction where true life dwells. Maybe we act in the “Just let it be what it is and see if it corrects itself” manner. Whatever the case may be, this is an error that has cost many a billion lives and will cost many more billions in the ecological sense of perspective. We live while the whole world dies, and we do it in a most catatonic way. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Sounds familiar to me.


So when do we wake up and stop following the dead to come alive in Christ, In Jesus?When will enough be enough? When will we let go and begin the true work of change for the sake of life and love alone? I was tired of this merry-go-round, dog eat dog world enough to have let the only one who can change me begin the process in me and the results are miraculous. I was tired of just living for me and mine. Having a belief of being alive, but knowing I was dead inside. I now know that I’m not alone in this desperate yearning for life and for change in a profound way. I now know it is possible to turn it all around and attain true life in abundance because I am now living in it. Knowing that we can attain what Jesus promised. But as I said earlier, even if I could persuade you by my own account of the truth to let go and let God. Will the seeds take hold and be watered enough? Will there be enough earth to cover the seeds and will the weeding and fertilizing be done in route so that there may be a chance for life in the future? The answer is yes, most definitely, yes. Because one may plant the seed, and the other may water the plant, but it is God who gives the increase. His Spirit and His Word do not come back to Him void.

I guess the point I am trying to make is when the unpatriotic show us their backs as we turn to them for help, let them stay with their backs turned and let them keep walking. The Lord is our shepherd we have everything we need. Patriotism is caring and helping our neighbors even at a cost to ourselves. This is and will be the focus of a nation under God. Let us remember always that a nation with her peoples that blesses God is the one that is blessed by God and they who have been freed, are free indeed.

So, there is my truth when it comes to the patriotic view of the unpatriotic. Hope you get it.

May your garden always be Blessed in the Lord with the abundant fruit of the Spirit.










The Journey is the Destination


With less than five weeks to go on my next Journey. This time out to the the Grand Canyon. I must say that I am filled with exhilaration, apprehension, joy, and the indelible sense that I will encounter the Lord in a way that will be most profound. Actually that’s how I wake up everyday. What do You have for me next, Lord? All with a little smile on my face and I’m sure his as well.

Someone once told me “Gary, The journey is the destination.” It took me some time but I now realize and have manifested this truth in my own life. My journeys are the meaning that I so desperately needed in life with Jesus. They bring me closer to the meaning of the who and what we are in the Lord and His work as ambassadors to the Kingdom.

I will be leaving New Hampshire for my epic trip by train to one of the oldest places exposed on planet Earth, the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The backdrop on my mission will be awe inspiring and breathtaking. This will be most compounded by the Lords Dunamis and presence in the works he created in me to bring his children home. Through me a sinner who was most injurious in my former life. But now more than that. Now a brother, a son, an apprentice, a friend to God by His making.


Who I was and what I did before my life in Christ pales in comparison to what I am experiencing now in the grace and favor of our risen Lord. At this turn on my road back to the One who loves me my life is abundant enough to pour out life abundantly to the children he so desperately loves and wants to save. I live by Psalm 23 in which it says that the Lord is my Shepherd, I have everything I need. I see now that the ministry does not necessitate need. It is the need that necessitates the ministry. The world and the children that reside here need to know unequivocally that we are loved. That He has provided a way of escape from our enemies. It is in this power that he gives to us that we break every chain and follow Him. This is the “Dunamis” of the Lord.  And to each one of us He has given this power, to them that confirm and even to those that receive and believe that Jesus is Lord, The Son of the Living God, Over comer of the world and its devils.

The Lords delight and His pride is in His children. They who overcome with Him and them that defeat the dragon. Crushing the head of the serpent before it eats its own tail, tightening as if it were a noose around our necks. God loves a good ending when it come to His saints. But time is running out. The Lord at one point will swiftly move from the mercy seat to the judgment seat with little to no warning. It is at this point that we as his children do not want to have that V8 moment, being caught sleeping, so to speak. We need always to remember that it is not the fall that hurts, It is the sudden stop that breaks us and to act accordingly always. He instructs us to work while it is still day  diligently and steadfastly, for the night is fast approaching when no one will be able to work. So how much closer are we to this night, then when we first began and how much closer are we to the Light, than when we first began? This is the question at hand and drives me to seek His kingdom and desire before all else.


I see now, therefor I act. We can only do what we see the Father doing in Christ, in Jesus. It is both tantamount and essential for us to pray for the eyes to see and the heart to know the truth which sets us free to become kingdom workers. To pray for eye-salve and refined gold so that we are equipped to do what the Lord does in and through us. Yes, His ways are above our ways, but He never said that He wouldn’t teach us His ways. It is in the willingness to love the loveless and to touch the touch-less that we open doors to the New Heaven on Earth Now. Inviting all to come and taste the goodness of the Lord. And now the angels sing Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty, for all the Earth is filled with His Glory. A special gift from the Lord to us back to Him.

The end begins just as it starts and leaves me wondering what we left behind. In Christ, In Jesus there are no endings, just new beginnings. This is his gift of grace toward us. The time and space to work it all out until our Kairos begins in Him. The quality becoming more important than the quantity which is Kairos vs. Chronos.

Spokane to Chicago new friends

So I end with this. The question of why is the work in the Humanities the best work? Because people matter of course. This is the best way for living and the path of peace for all who are called by His name. Will my journey be without dis-ease, test, trials or disappointments? No. There will most definitely be learning experiences. However, I need not worry because the world has now been overcome for me and for you too.

So need I say more? Other than,

Journey on, Good Soldier……..Journey on.

On the Road, a Continual Family of Trees



It is no doubt to me now why I have partaken in the Life of traveling and of people, even though by my own confession I am not a people person. So many others choose the road for discovery, including my now distant cousin Jack Kerouac. We are actively in search of the long forgotten memory of who we are and where we stand or kneel on the rock, seeking the unseen connections that bind us together. let us please not forget the countless others that will follow in our footsteps after we have passed from this present generation and pray for them too. I was born, I live, I do and I die because it is in the fabric of who I am. Cut from the same cloth that comprises us all yet only the differences usually stand out in the open naked and exposed. Really just the small things in comparison. The weaves and patterns may be what differ in what comprises us. The particulars and the details. The fragrance as well as the colors of our progress or regress in the procession, as if in a marching parade together and apart on our Journey back home to our Creator. This is what intrigues me in peoples lives. Jack passed from his trek here on planet Terra about twenty miles south of where I live in New Hampshire. I live in the city where he was born and where his Parents were born before him, His mother being my great aunt or my great great aunt, one or the other. I was 10 months old in 1969 just beginning this life as he was passing from his. I never knew him in person. However, I find that it has been both inspiring and incredibly mystifying to me that as I read his works now in my late 40’s that I can personally relate to the essence that binds us together, the unseen connection. Questioning what is real and what is facade. It is the never ending search for connection, re connection and truth that’s drives me on the road to find more of who I am and who we are together. It is this search to find what we all have in common in our forest of semi-severed trees in existence, splintered and scattered amiss that fuels my desire to go further than I ever have. And yet even still I see that the differences we share do not take anything away from our relationship, they can only add to it. The thoughts, mannerisms, methods with the total and complete loyalty to the truth are both uncanny and exhilarating to me when I learn of Jack. With generations of time and space separating us now, how could it be that I continue in the steps of the man who rattled the senses and reinvigorated the fire that burns in us to seek this connection within each of us. To seek and to give unconditional love more then to seek my own desire. Not following pre-programmed thoughts, attitudes and agendas in vain glory that I merely see and act out toward others. As if in a fleeting glimpse of a newspaper article to be judged and juried with a passing thought on the slow road to the middle. Truth be told we never met, but the fact remains that within me I still have the indelible sense that we know each other and that we are both known by God. As a result, I dedicate this blog to my family, friends and coworkers in the faith around the world. May you be blessed always and Journey on good soldier, journey on.



Why is the work in the humanities the best work? Because people matter. Each of us has a story filled with love, hate, joys, sorrows, successes and failures, gifts as well as shortcomings, poverty and relative wealth. It is in the recognizing and the acquiring of the truth that we all have more in common with each other than we have in differences and being willing to share both that can be empowering to the one who operates selflessly in love. In this we can be equipped enough to know that we are now able to set our own demons aside forsaking all to tend to the wounds of others. Essentially, when we begin the works of helping to heal others selflessly we begin to heal our own inner wounds at the same time, unilaterally together. Working for the common good of all. A continual cycle of Agape love given by God in His most grandest form in nature, here now and beyond, pure and unblemished. What a joy it is to be used by the creator of everything that is good in the world that we see, touch, taste and experience. What a magnificent honor and gift to be able to tend his garden.

I Have recently returned from the most incredible Journey I never could have imagined, or Maybe I did at one time or another and just kept forgetting as I was wrapped up in a matter or a recourse in the recoil that is the snake of this world. Soaking drying and soaking again in the things of this world over time is exhausting. I liken it to taking a daily bath comprised of all that is not of me, but by default I am soaking in the elements of life and death, good and evil, becoming what others want me to be as a result, muddied waters, tainted by the world and her thoughts, attitudes and ways. Not truly me but not truly others either in completeness. A mishmash of faux paw and genuine, the result of the workings of me in the environment I am imprisoned in, the fallen land of the dead and dying. Now Looking back through my life here on the rock I can see that time is not Linear, it only appears that way. What I am saying is that I have come to realize again that we have friends and family, good, bad and indifferent, who maybe all but completely unknown to us in our present state of being. But  somehow and someway I know them, that we are intrinsically connected in and through and across this vast ocean of time space. The relationships with our spiritual family as I have come to realize us begins outside the boundaries of the Material universe yet grows and matures inside it with its laws and regulations. Operating at a phenomenal rate of exchange, coexisting, parallel, and unilateral to each other.  So until this revealed to us in the Spirit and in the mind simultaneously with all the physical properties in the right place, at the right time(Kairos), we may only receive a hint of this truth, maybe in a momentary fleeting glimpse, or in the parts of a fragmented dream, or in a running vision. When the three parts that make us who we are in unison compiled with the finished work we have overcome or somewhere in our overcoming process of the world there is a gift given that allows us to see the things as they truly are. A golden compass of sorts. However this may be for you in particulars and degrees and the way you experience this dunamis is between the Lord and you At your time of reconciliation, Formulated and settled in your personal relationship with him. For me I see that Its when we are tuned in to the truth that we become like a fine musical instrument being tuned by the hand of God himself and is in this time(Kairos) that we become capable of recognizing our true relationships with God and people as we stretch across time and space. We live in a bubble of sorts with the axis points the Islands in our ocean, the ocean of our lives, as the map to navigate through the outer universe as the Lord prepares the new kingdom within us outside the bubble, which is made from pure love and light. The opportunity taken at the opportune moment, grasped and worked with in its fullest begins to open up the doors of truth that no one can deny or close to us. We are no longer tricked and deceived into holding on to anything in the material universe that is spurious and temporal. It is in this letting go that we can begin to see things from another stand point outside the bubble. Giving us true perspective with the kingdom point of view. This will propel us as far into infinity as we are willing to go as growing Sons of the living God.  And parallel to this is the fact that we are created in His image made for the purpose of his pleasure becoming ambassador’s to the Kingdom that Jesus spoke of long ago. It is High time that we woke up and began to think outside the box to act accordingly in side the box. pouring out the Lords will as his vessels. It is not by coincidence, the fact that a perfect circle in 3 dimensions is a sphere. Our clock is not in fact a linear circle in it’s totality, adding to the mystery that is the Grace of God. Body, Mind, and Spirit.


Traveling by train is an up close and personal experience. It can go both ways on the comfort range of things with all the variables. However, It affords us the time to get to know ourselves and others a little more and a little better. Everyone aboard is coming from and going to somewhere to someone or maybe no one at all that they can foresee in the moment. The truth is that we are never totally alone, even when it appears that we are. All of us together are different parts of our own stories giving us insight to ourselves and what we are seeking. Having the opportunity to share the connection and taking the opportunity is the chance to expand our own tents in magnificent ways helping others to extend their own. I Love the way we take time to help each other, take the time and thought to be kind to others, planting, tending, watering, feeding the trees of the garden in route to the somewhere in between. Incredible is the experience of travel. The harvest is ripe and ready for the picking, We need only listen, love, extend, give and receive. Love is not rocket science and needs not to be so inconvenient, complicated or burdensome. When the Lord is at work in us its an honor and a pleasure to share in the fruits of giving life and light to our brothers and sisters.

My friends at Bobs Café


I can not tell you with all certainty when and where this all started with all assurance. Grace is bigger than the big picture we can put in words. But what I can tell you with assurance is that the proof of the evidence is attainable. That our given lives are more special, meaningful and interconnected than the all of the trees and their root systems of a forest and even more than the interconnectedness of everything in the material universe. That we are truly bound to each other in a way that can not be explained in its entirety with Language, but never the less can be known by us through the Spirit if we so desire to seek Him in this way. When we think of family we think of our siblings or maybe even closer than close friends. However I now know that this is only the tip of the iceberg. We have a spiritual family that transcends this world in time and space. A Family that is rooted in the Spirit of Love, Kindness, Charity and Compassion only known by and to each other. We are the endless recipients of Gods grace and love poured out to everyone unconditionally. What a good, good Father we have to place His Agape Love in these earthen vessels.

Beginning again where I left off , I was traveling from Boston to the Northwest part of the U.S; The Columbia Basin. My home state of New Hampshire was behind me now and determination was part of my fuel moving forward. I was traveling by Amtrak which is my preferred way to travel. The train ride gives us more time to get to know people better and affords us the opportunity to build friendships with others that we may only ever glance over in passing in our busy schedules and lives while on this earth running the rat race, life interrupted. I didn’t really know what to expect when I left Boston for Oregon and Washington State, I was determined to experience what the Lord was bringing me into. So after two years and a life time of planning I began my Journey in the fall of 2017. The experience of going to and fro this great expanse reverberates through me with the resilience and perseverance  needed to continue the path today.  Plowing the soil, seeding the ground, watering and tending the younglings , working my plot given to me to toil.  I suspect it keep me on my toes for a long time to come. For I have received the resilience to keep working for the kingdom and the good no matter what little failure or disappointment comes my way. I am still completely floored and in awe of the revelation and of what transpired in my two weeks on the road with some of the most kind and beautiful people in the world known to me thus far.

“The Pleasure is all mine”…He said


I had been on the train for about a day when I met a family from India traveling to start a new life here in the states. The need to make connections with others on more than one level is inherent in most if not all of us as people. This family  was now here continuing their personal journey with each other in the America, looking for the connection they had dreamed of in their homeland. I prayed and I continue to pray for the best in their lives. I could feel the love pouring out of them. They had a beautiful son who happened to be autistic but very intelligent and wonderfully put together in so many ways. They offered me some traditional homemade food, Rice and curry chicken, Yum. We blessed and gave thanks for the food and each other, As we ate we were able to share a moment together that otherwise would never have happened had we not taken our pilgrimage. Had the seeds not fallen exactly as they were planned to fall by God, and had they not sprung up from the ground taking root, had the not grown leaves an flourished with the rain and sun then we would not be sharing the fruit of companionship and connectedness. My only regret is I didn’t get a picture of us together on the train. however, we will remain together in my heart and in my memories forever.

It is good to be in the company of brothers.

The supernatural connection in and through the Holy Spirit transcends time, space and all reason. We are truly One in God. Our relationships to each other can not be defined as you and me, us and them, there is only One I, The Lord God Almighty. We are, because He is and there is no one that the Lord loves the absolute most because we are all equal in His eyes. Jealousy and strife’s have no place in the kingdom because there is nothing to be Jealous about. We can know and be still in knowing that we are all the Lords favorites. I am beginning to realize and this is manifesting in my life with Christ. All the experiences of all Gods children struggling and overcoming including the Lord himself can be looked upon and experienced in a way that only God could manifest in us. We have at are disposal all the collective power from those in the past as well as from those that are to come as One in God.

The first stop on my journey was Portland Oregon. There is a small hostel up in the Hawthorne district that is remarkable in its simplicity to give back as it receives in Body, Mind and Spirit. This place has a recycling ecosystem that is hinged on consistent flow of elements transpiring, transporting and transcending all avenues of existence.

Hawthorne Hostel Portland, Oregon

Our own personal footprints should be as feather light on the environment as the one this house in Portland and its travelers produce. My first thoughts upon arrival were that this place is cool. But I know that “cool” is a trap designed to take me away from the purpose, and this place and its peoples most definitely have purpose. I was completely exhausted from my train ride for three days so my first plan of action after checking in were showering and resting. I was completely out of it and snoozing away by 6:00 pm after a bit to eat. By 2:30 am I was refreshed and ready to absorb the nutrients of this place.

The house cat and me became acquainted as I was sitting in the front foyer enjoying the peace and tranquility of being the only soul awake at 3am. I had been here before but this time was a different time and I knew it. The true definition of insanity is doing the same mistake over and over expecting a different result. I would be leaving today.

I prearranged this trip the best I could, seeing that this world is ever changing with its own mind. Being versatile and malleable are prerequisite for success in any type of venture or adventure worth taking. Unseen and unknown things can and will happen. The righteous stumble seven times and get back up moving forward, what a friend we have to pick us up from the dirt. Adapting to the elements around us in a way that doesn’t compromise our integrity is an art. On so many levels we are challenged to conform while still retaining our individuality. Can this be done? It is a delicate balance between forces that requires a dance to the melody of the moral fiber inherent in all of us.

My friend Christian at the Shiloh Inn, Moses Lake

After an exhausting 10 hour trip sitting on my butt on the bus from Portland, Oregon my second Stop in the west would be in the Washington state Columbia Basin, A great small city named Moses Lake. God with the people here amazed me and floored me as I got to reunite with old friends. I knew now for sure that what the Lord revealed to me many months and years back, was truth and reality. I find it ironic that people recognize me before I them. Apart of the plan as I have come to believe, so that they may see the change and let their guard down long enough to Let me in for a moment. After the initial test we are able to share the bond and love we once had together, even if for only a moment of time here but reverberating through all the realms of God simultaneously. If a day to the Lord is a thousand years, than a moment shared in the Spirit is more than just a moment.

I love and appreciate them even more now than I ever have in my existence. I arrived in early fall so the weather was still on my side, physically I was tired and spiritually I was ready for anything, mentally I was in a good enough space to remain stable as I walked through my surreal experience of being partly home again.

The people here are extraordinary, friendly and outspoken but also apprehensive in a protective way. There is however that fine line that separates fact from fiction with good and evil. The underbelly of this community lurked in the shadows ready to devour any who would walk out of the light. I could live here, we’re apart of my first thoughts. It was than fear began to play out its course as I soaked the people environment in. Everything and everyone is not as it appears to be. I needed to take the time to see as clearly as I should and find the purpose of my visit. Then I could be used knowingly or not for the Lord and His purpose. I ate every night at Bobs diner as they catered to my desire for poutine, which is French fries, topped with turkey gravy and lots of cheese a famous back east coast French connection dish. I got to know the people behind the names and faces. I really felt at home here on more than one level with them. A Spiritual bond is A tie that binds us, something that is beyond just this world. It was difficult to leave them, but I must press on before I lost heart and the purpose slipped from my mind. Don’t want to have any of them ” I could have had a v8″ moments, biffing myself in the head.

Pleased to meet you, Do you Know Him?

My Journey would bring me closer to my intended destination with the help of many people from whom love still dwells in their hearts. Its funny because the irony is that the Journey is the destination. Don’t want to miss any of them divine appointments is just the thoughts that get us to miss them in the first place. I don’t have to think so much, just breath and be me, let God drive this thing. So in my present state of apprehension of the unknown I can be still while moving the course. Not focusing on fear and uncertainty but the possibility that I may receive what I came looking for. Connection

The Journey back home to Him is the destination which God had planned from the beginning for us.

We as children of God have the opportunity to become grown Sons of God with all the inheritance bestowed on Yeshua our brother. What is it to becoming that we run from? The process is the Journey, Sanctified and restored to the manifest Presence of our Father.

We can miss so much and so many on the way if we are careless and inpatient to reach the intended place to quickly. It would take Jesus sometimes a day to walk a mile, even as the crowds pressed in and on Him onwards toward Jerusalem for the fulfillment of their own agenda.  Jesus knew better, He knew them and their hearts, giving grace as grace was needed. He is dealing with mere babes. Going at his own pace He set out to save the children he loved so much. He knew the importance of each individual that cried out his name for a blessing on that road. He would stop for anyone and take as much time as was needed to secure another soul for the Father and His kingdom. This is the blessing he wants us to become to the world. Willing to forsake ourselves for the benefit of others. This can only be done living in and through Agape Love. The example has been set for us.

My next stop would be Steamboat State Park, Washington where I would meet up with more of us on my endless road of discovery and rediscovery.

To be Continued….

Next up, On the road to Amanda at Steamboat State Park

welcome to Steamboat state park my name is Amanda, Yes, of course it is.





Secular Vs. Non-Secular



     So! You want your cake, and you want to eat it too! The Non-secular interplay with the Secular world at large in the long run does not work, for the one will dominate and eventually consume the other.

It was last year about this time that I was visiting a local art gallery here in New Hampshire when I came to the above painting of the sacred Ibis and common Ibis in what looked like some sort of dual. I was taken aback by the horribleness of the scene and it struck me as some sort gross act. The meaning of such a vivid display in the natural world was to me confounding. I asked myself the question of what was behind this massive act of aggression in the animal kingdom and the mirroring effect in our own cultures. Types and shadows of the creation and the fall of creation. The inherent struggle, the processes of birth, life, consummation, death and rebirth in this fallen realm.

We try so hard and have come quite far in making our lives more comfortable at the expense of all that is, all that has been put in our stewardship. So much misery and death in this world could be avoided if we began to think of the things of others before we thought of the things of ourselves, sharing all things in common rather than focusing on our differences. And yet paralleling to this we have grown faint in our understanding of the struggle and the missed opportunities for growth beyond what we can measure in our human experience. The truth which can only be realized in our spiritual experience with our spiritual mind here on earth. We are growing ever so slowly. We are Forever learning but not coming into the fullness of the knowledge, the knowing of the Lord with the power of His ressurection within us, physically and spiritually.

We have not fully realized this power(Dunamis) as of yet which is given to us in and through and by the Holy Spirit himself, for He is our power to overcome every obstacle, the lamp for our feet, the councilor, our comforter for our struggle to transform us from within into the eternal beings we were destined to become. I am talking about the becoming of spiritual beings, super-natural and super naturally equipped, timeless beings, enriched in every facet of our existence, fulfilled and made whole in body, mind, Spirit and emotion; pouring out this God given power of true life to the idleness of comfortability in others that keeps them consuming while they are asleep. Living the dream, so to speak. Challenging the status quo of this later generation of ourselves. I say ourselves because we all share this same inherent characteristic. We are all sleeping to a degree and oscillating between what is good and evil. The human experience is a beautiful tapestry of experiences designed for and through many reasons, however the most profound and possibly the most important is the ability to learn to love unconditionally, known as Agape Love. The Love Yeshua has for us, the Love that compelled Him to remain obedient all the way to the cross. The Love we experience through His mercy and grace every waking day. It is a good thing to lay ones own desires down for his brothers and sisters benefit.

  • When do we say enough is enough? When do we begin to not agree with this dog eat dog world system? When ? When do we come together in Truth and Spirit to Love for the sake of loving? To give for the sake of giving? When do we turn from being human beings trying to have a spiritual experience to Spiritual beings having a human experience? When will we be ready to let go and let God? When do we preach the Gospel of the Kingdom? When do we realize the truth of the Love in servitude and a servitude in Love? When do we come together in the Unity of the Spirit with one mind the many parts of the one body? When?

The Path of Discipleship…………..


I remember the moment I chose the path to the Lords service as clearly as my own birth name. The question I asked my disciple mentor and the response I received from him helps to keep me on the path in my darkest moments. It reminds me of what we are doing as disciples and the fruit that will be produced in keeping to the objective.

I asked my mentor “What is this all about, I am saved, am I not ?” He replied ” Yes, you are saved, But Gary this isn’t about being saved. This is about the Lord using you and this is your choice.” There were so many thoughts and emotions that I was completely overwhelmed and my mentor Paul knew it. I said we have more time don’t we? His reply jolted the sense in me to get the door open. He said “Gary, there finding baby’s in dumpsters do you think the Lord is going to let this go on forever”? He wants to use you and now clearly is the time for your choice. Role the dice as we may I decided to take the only sure way to restoration(Salvation). My complete surrender to the Lord and His works. This new beginning happened for me in October 2013. This began my Kairos(Gods special time) with Him.

The Greek translation for “narrow” gate is ” the “Painful” gate. It is a path that takes much effort to pass through. It is a lonely gate in the world because few find it and some that do find it abandon it for fear of death. Lonely in the sense that the world abandons you and convicts you as being a lunatic and possibly a criminal. But we are never alone because God is now with us in our special time(Kairos) together. Always speaking truth, revealing the hidden things of Himself and leading us down the path where life and righteousness dwells.

I see now that my path of discipleship was chosen long before I was born on Earth. For as the scripture reads. “Many are invited but few are chosen”. We are born with the invitation and we have already made the choice. It is in our time here on Earth and in our journey that allows us to see why we made the choice. This is not to say that the invited that haven’t been chosen have no place within the coming kingdom. On the Contrary we will all share in the fruit of the Saints. No one is Loved more or less by God. We are all equal and this is what I love about the Lord. We are all called to do  here, what we are all called to do. This is the Lords proclamation and decree. The clay does not ask the potter what will you make me. The clays’ joy is that the potter has made them into something useful, for His good pleasure. It is in our personal choice that many people are blessed. For the Lord is loving and merciful to all and His mercy endures forever.


The lord knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows exactly what we need for salvation and does not withhold anything that will bring this restoration to His beloved. All things are for the betterment for those who love the Lord. I say again, All things are for the betterment for those who Love the Lord. The good and the not so good are brought about in our lives for the purposes of bringing us around to that point of complete surrender to his will. He won’t have us any other way, except completely. This is the Lords decree.

The Israelites circled that desert for forty years because they “didn’t get it”. They would not put their trust or the very lives that were given to them from the Lord back into his hands completely and unadulterated. They wandered aimlessly around and around in circles until the last of that generation passed away. Is this not so with us now in the present age? Doing laps and living from grace to grace in an untoward generation. I fear that it is, but I am also grateful that where sin abounds grace abounds more. The Lords mercy endures forever in the children of men. Salvation is in the Lords hands for the children of men. Only God knows when a person is ready for the completeness that is found only in God, In our Kairos.

Me On the road south of Grand Coulee

As I stated earlier discipleship is the Lonely path in the world. Foxes have holes, the birds of the air have nest, but the son of man has no place to rest his head. These are the words of Jesus himself. One day he stopped turned to his followers and proclaimed this truth about his relationship to the world and the children he lives with. He was very well aware and in travail about his personal relationships with people who sought there own comfort while not giving thought to the One who was comforting them and teaching them and what his desires and needs were from them and us. He was lonely and nobody realized it. He learned through obedience to rely on God our Father for every morsel of love and comfort he would receive. In the world we will have tribulation, rest in me says the Lord and I will give you peace. This is the Path to wholeness in God. The profound awareness that we are no longer alone and the voice of himself within us helps us on the path. The comfort and the rock of our faith that we need in order to pull through and keep trekking on. Its so, so good to have the Lord dwell within us.

It is in our searching in people what only God can give us that sets us up for the fall. Even the best of us, even the most loving of all people fall short and this is for the reason that God himself has set in place. The path to the Lord is the one that we walk with God in his loneliness. The Lord feels the pain of every adultery from us. We take for granted so much when it comes to the Lord and how he feels about us. He tends to us and will not lead us astray, He cares for us and He provides every morsel we need in Body, Mind and Spirit. We become more and more aware of this fact as we walk in Him making us unmovable by the world.


Some of you may dare to ask what is the first step into discipleship with the Lord. Let us remember the Lords lesson on this subject in Mathew chapter 19:16-30. I remember this story so well. The relief I received from what the Lord is saying to us about the gift of Grace until the manifestation of Kairos in our personal relationship with Him. It is a burden off my back and the freedom to keep searching for His face no matter the barriers and pitfalls that have been put in place on my path. A man falls seven times and gets back up and on course, The person who’s heart and mind is stayed on the Lord.

The fulfillment we long for is found in discipleship. It is where I found my place and my purpose in the world and I wouldn’t trade it for any amount of earthly treasure.

The path of discipleship is in one word “Amazing” It can be all you want it to be and more. So Hold on, Be calm and live the Forth. Our Kairos Now….In His Love.


Are You Ready?


I am in your midst. I Love you and have come from a place prepared for you. Are you ready?

Yes, I am ready O’Lord, Yes, I am ready to let it all go.

So now then, let us go.

Enough said ?

Thank You, Yeshua, Thank You

Yes, my child, Yes


It can be this simple, if we let it be……….


Wake up O’Isreal for your King has come, He is true and He is faithful and He loves you dearly with an everlasting love.

Come all you who are heavy laden with burdens for I come to give you rest and life more abundantly. Amen
Thank You Yeshua